Craig Deeley on all music, Twitter and grammar.

July 6, 2017

It's the final pod-cast! Duhduh DUUUHH DUUHHH! Ah, what an idiot.


Anyway, this is the last episode of the series and the guest is none other than the wonderful Craig Deeley. Craig is a stand-up comic, improviser and all-round funny geezer. We yak it up about all manner of things, especially Twitter, which Craig is a bona fide genius at. Seriously, Twitter royalty, mate. You can get him on the there @craiguito


Thanks for listening!


Paul Reynolds on ABBA, Adrian Mole and the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency

June 22, 2017

Paul Reynolds is a music blogger whose marvellous writings can be found at

He inducts ABBA (yes!) Adrian Mole (yes!) and the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency (yes! But not for the reasons you might think!)

We also chat about liking music that others might deem uncool and Rizzo's dirty ice cream.


Laura Wood on Parks and Rec, Cornwall and thunderstorms.

June 7, 2017

And we're back!

This episode features Laura Wood, author of the wonderful Poppy Pym book series. We chat about writing, awesome TV shows and pretending to be Victorian children.


Dan Walker on Christmas, Computer Games and Hiking

May 16, 2017

Dan Walker is the author of marellous new kids book Sky Thieves. As well as his Vault picks, we chat about what it's like to be a debut author.


James Cook on Now 10, Carcassonne and Political Correctness

May 10, 2017

James Cook is a comedian, podcaster, radio guy and legit Carcassonne champ. 

We discuss stand-up comedy, underappreciated board games and what it's like to go (semi) viral.

You can learn more about James, inclusing his upcoming shows at


Grant Deane on YouTube, Christopher Hitchens and Radio 4.

April 25, 2017

Grant Deane is a electronica musician whose first album, CRCMVNT TDM was released this year. We yak it up about that and lots of other topics, musical and otherwise. We also discuss how being a postie is a pretty decent job if you're a creative type.


Grant's marvellous musical wares can be sampled at


Lisa Thompson on seasons, radio and unpacking.

April 18, 2017

Lisa Thompson is the author of the smash hit new kid's book, The Goldfish Boy. We chat about life as a debut author and delve into Lisa's artistic 'process'. It's a lot more fun than it sounds, trust me.

Lisa also reveals why the changing of the seasons is so great and how unpacking shopping is an underrated pleasure.


The Goldfish Boy is out now.


George Bastow on Fawlty Towers, Darren Shan and black pudding.

April 14, 2017

George Bastow is a writer, blogger and event programmer. As well as his vault inductions, we talk about creativity, diversity in publishing and the age old Tamworth vs Atherstone rivalry. George's blog, Books, Films and Random Lunacy can be found at